Mooring Ball Installation Guide

Mooring Ball Installation

Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat
Moreton Bay Holidays Afloat Yachts at mooring

One type of mooring ball installation is the concrete Block. Moorings consist of Approx one ton concrete blocks with 13 mm galvanized chain. Chain shackled to block with 16 mm galvanized shackles. Chain to reach surface plus 1 metre. 366 mm diameter float (foam filled) at surface. 16 mm silver rope spliced and shackled to chain with 16 mm thimble and 13 mm shackle. All shackles pinned. 200 mm pick up floats to pick up lines.

Mooring ball installation
Mooring ball installation
2000kg block for Mooring ball installation
1000kg block for Mooring ball installation -Just about to come out of the mold

The price for mooring ball installation depends on how deep the water is, where it is, the composition of the bottom which could mean it has to be sandscrews not a block. For example one gentleman needed two complete moorings to tie off fore and stern the boat and was approx $3500 installed here on Cabbage Tree Creek.

Here on Cabbage Tree Creek we have a lot of silt in the creek, so sand screws are not that effective. In other places, with a hard seabed, sand screws may be more appropriate.  We can do either.

Want to read up on getting permission and what else you may need to do for a permanent Mooring Ball Installation?  MSQ has an info page here

contact us for more info! 0419 094 708 or landline is 0732 693 487 (Cabbage Tree Creek Marina)

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