Harbor Shoppers / Harbour Shoppers Australia

Harbor Shoppers or Harbour Shoppers Australia

Whichever way you want to spell it. Harbor Shoppers or Harbour Shoppers, it is coming to Australia!

HarborShoppers salvage and Boat auctions
HarborShoppers salvage and Boat auctions

After the Category 5 hurricanes in the Caribbean (Irma and Maria) this past September, HarborShoppers was instrumental in auctionning off hundreds of various kinds of yachts that were mostly considered a Constructive Total Loss by the insurance companies after the hurricanes. The insurance companies were very happy to have a organized quick way of selling off yachts to new homes.

Check out the website as they are still auctionning off yachts and soon they have a parts section going up that will have literally many thousand of parts from yachts that were not complete enough to auction off whole.

Now, boat owners are starting to sell off private yachts through auction as well on the site!

It is a lot of fun watching the boat auctions, dreaming whether you have the moxie to fix that boat into your dream vessel.

Harbour Shoppers Australia

HarborShoppers will be coming soon to Australia ( Can we rebrand it Harbourshoppers)! through H2O Yachts & Marine Services. I have our first boat to auction off, a Moreton Bay Cruiser.

Yachts from the Caribbean have been snapped up by savvy boat buyers all over the world and been shipped to such diverse places like South Korea, Italy, Spain, up the Mississippi to Ohio and yes, even Australia for fixing.

We are very excited to work with such a well respected and organized company as HarborShoppers and look forward to getting the Boat Auctions and Marine Part Sales up and running throughout Australia in the near future.

Pretty soon hopefully we will have auctions like this one currently running in the Caribbean

Abacadabra Boat and Salvage auction, sample listing
Abacadabra Boat and Salvage auction, sample listing

Now, about the name…Do we keep HarborShoppers or adjust it for HarbourShoppers? hmmmmm…..

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