Chlorine Dosing Head Systems Moreton Bay

Chlorine Dosing Head Systems Moreton Bay

Our own Chlorine Dosing Head Systems can be used in Moreton Bay, which has a NO DISCHARGE rule for any commercial vessels or anywhere in the world you want.

We were setting up a bareboat catamaran company, and there is not a lot of room to install a commercially available chlorine dosing head system.

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Chlorine Dosing Unit
Chlorine Dosing Unit

So we had to design and build our own! The advantages of our chlorine dosing head systems are:

  1. The size. They are very small and will fit anywhere.
  2. The price. Ours are lower priced then those on the market
  3. The logistics. These use the fitted black water holding tanks already on board as the mixing chamber so no need to have a separate chamber.
  4. The Ease of use. The system does not need any thinking about once it is set up, except refilling the chlorine when it runs out,  which we estimate in our bareboat catamaran operation with heavy use will be once every several months.
  5. Adjustable for salt water or seawater heads.
  6. The support. Our engineer can customize these in any design, to fit any configuration.
  7. Adjustable dose rating, with easy installation and required only one per holding tank regardless of how many heads feed to that tank.
  8. Treats it to Australian Standard CLASS C
Chlorine Dosing System. Yes, it is pretty small and compact!
Chlorine Dosing System. Yes, it is pretty small and compact!

We now have these installed and working correctly on several bareboat catamarans on Moreton Bay. This system works on ELECTRIC HEADS (if you have manual heads we can install an electric head for you too).

It is easy, automatic, and we have had it passed for operation in Australia by MSQ.

Our price on this system is $1300 Australian Dollars, or $1000 US Dollars plus shipping. We can ship anywhere in the world and we have full instruction manuals. We stand behind our products.

  • Our custom package includes:
  • Chlorine Tank
  • Electronics with Dosing Pump
  • Full Instruction and Maintenance Manual
  • Installation available.
Chlorine Dosing Tank
Chlorine Dosing Tank

Chlorine Dosing Head Systems anywhere in the world!

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