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We provide creative solutions and competent qualified experienced staff,
for all your boating and yachting needs.


Our History

H2O Yachts has been an United States and British Virgin Islands company providing yachting and marine services for the last twelve years. We are excited to have expanded not only into Australia but also our SERVICES!

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Our Achievements

Everything from building a marina, starting a bareboat yachting fleet, running a large crewed charter catamaran, Refits and Project Managers on boats and yachts to all things mechanical and engineering for the marine industry.

Brisbabne City Skyline

Our Vision

Our vision is YOUR vision. Whatever you need help with in the marine industry, we are happy to make it our own! Large or small

Brand new Catamaran Lift Trolley, located just north of the Gateway Bridge, in Brisbane

Some of our works

Highlighted Projects

Chlorine Dosing System. Yes, it is pretty small and compact!
2000kg block for Mooring ball instillation
Mooring Ball Installation Guide
Designing and Building our Automatic Holding Tank Emptying System
Automatic Holding Tank Emptying Systems
ROV Project
Designed and Built ROV
Richard Branson's Underwater plane
Richard Branson’s Virgin Plane
Consulting Work
Bazza and Yacht Promenade- Refit after hitting the rocks. Multihull
Refit Project Trimaran Promenade
Designed, Built and Installed Crane on Commercial Dive Boat
Custom A Frame Deck Crane
Cabbage Tree Creek Marina
Cabbage Tree Creek Marina
Prop Pullers
Hydraulic Prop Pullers
Some Fun Facts about our Services
Boats Built & Refitted
99 %
Positive feedback
Charter Yachts Holidays Sold
Products Designed
Designed, Manufactured and Built by ourselves

Custom H2O Products

Automatic Holding Tank Sewage Treatment System, Type C

We have designed and built the electronics to monitor what is going into existing holding tanks and to simply dose them automatically with each flush. Holding tanks can be treated to Type C and be dumped in ares such as Moreton Bay that currently restrict commercial vessels dumping
  • Our customs package includes:
  • Electronic Unit
  • Dosing Pump
  • Chlorine Tank
  • Full Instruction Manual and Maintenance Manual
  • Installation is incredibly simple requiring just a couple of wire and one small hose to the holding tank, however, installation is available on request

Automatic Holding Tank Emptying Systems

Monitors full tanks & prevents the holding tank overfilling. Push button to dump the tank and subsequently it automatically refills the tank with seawater and then washes it out keeping the tank clean and reducing the likelihood of holding tank odors in the boat. Key switches available to isolate the dumping system to satisfy USCG system lock out
  • Our custom package includes:
  • Macerator pump
  • Seawater pump
  • Electronics
  • Holding Tank Sensors
  • Full Instruction and Maintenance Manual
  • If you are able to install a thru hull, you are able to install the system or we offer installation on request.

Custom Projects

We can solve any marine problem you may have!
  • Electronic Design& Fabrication for Control and Monitoring Systems. Think Robotics for boats!
  • ie: Generator Monitoring, Water/Fuel System Monitoring, Remote Monitoring & Automation
  • Custom Boat Electrical Switch Panels
  • Design & Fabrication of Stainless Steel and Aluminum components
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Set up and Fine Tuning
  • Electrical and Electronic Installation and Repairs
  • Design one off custom electrical installations and repair of custom systems
  • Problem Solving that others CANNOT figure out :) We are not just parts installers, we can design and work around any type of system

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